The Media God,

This year’s end, I look at the media year. This year, more than any other, I have come to see the need and use of media outlets like TV and Music video and Movies in educating human beings and stabilizing a society and the world at large.

Late this year, I watched a movie about a man, Sandy, who got his IDs stolen by a fat sociopath woman, let’s call her Margie. Sandy is a good law-abiding working class man who pays his taxes and is living small with a wife and kids. Also, a little naïve an believes in the safety provided by the State authorities, or used to, before he got successfully hit by Margie, a big-time credit card hacker and Identity Fraud practitioner.

Well, she got off with using his person to go out on a night club spree; buying drinks for all; got caught by the police for buying narcotics and even bought herself a new car! Sandy finds out (after being arrested by the police in association with the crimes committed) and is severely let-down by the local police who after clearing him by virtue of a mug-shot taken of Margie, tells him it’d take 6 months to a year to retrieve his cards and restore him back to a normal life.

He can’t wait! Meanwhile, back at his new office the same police men are waiting for him, again in connection with the on-going spending and offenses spree of Margie; who’s taken full advantage of the uni-sex name Sandy and is having a ball! Sandy, after being searched by the police again and talking with them and his angry new boss, takes permission to have a week off to go and track “Sandy” by himself, with the aid of the mug-shot of Margie and credit card debt details; the shop where Margie’d just spreed in another state. He explains to his now anxious wife and heads of out of state to track “Margie-Sandy” down; and after a little inquiry at the shop, with the aid of the mug-shot, he finds her. Now to trick her into coming with him to his state and then hand her over to the state police, seeing as its a state case.

Now is the part that I find critical. On confronting Margie, Sandy finds he’s met a tougher challenge than he bargained for. She clearly out-wits him in the argument of whether she’s even done anything wrong at all; she argues her case smartly and with all guile, insisting that she’s only made the best use of the System’s loop-holes. She also reminds Sandy; as he tries to draw-up moral backing for himself being the aggrieved, citing his wife and kids’ distress; that she has 70 year old parents that she’s supporting with her line of work and she also has siblings. Margie, who is already in trouble with the narcotics mafia which she’s put in police trouble and who are after her head, uses her street-smartness ruthlessly well against a helpless Sandy, who the system has let down. She even takes possession of his own car in all the messiness of the scene. Hilarious. She defeats him in a very awkward fist-fight! She uses her fatness amply!

It caught my attention that Sandy failed to make a clear water-tight argument in a case that was clear enough and even the State Police found this an up-hill task to do! Margie does well for herself, exonerating herself so well, she almost passes for the aggrieved party herself. It seems as though Sandy is bereft of moral high-ground to prove even a moral point to Margie; it looks like he can’t even convince himself that he’s done the right thing by coming out to track her down, in the first place. This is remarkably more often the case in real life these days; fortunately or no. Sandy after exhausting all his failure antics finally resorts to begging and in her utmost benevolence and mercy, she beautifully agrees to go with him to see his boss for an amicable settlement without the police. She also admits she now has a crush on him; poor guy.

I wonder what God has to say about this plot. Who’s the bad guy; or is it just the system messing up again? I thank the director and producers of the movie for such a realistic reproduction of this story-line; as the film goes on. But seriously, are we really kept safe by this system in which we live and live by? Is today’s system of Governments and business God-backed? Watching this movie, I saw another critical light that media had shed on living in the society we live in this day and age.

I’m calling for a God-Government, of the type of Deuteronomy in Israel (Jacob) but of a more technological facade. Let God come and do the job He knows so well how to do; Lead.

And I promise to do all in my humble capacity to support and promote media platforms like music video and movies in this new year, 2014, as they play a pivotal and supportive role in making Society a better place to live; more power to your elbow folks; thanks to WordPress and the internet media, toO

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God is watching, toO

God is watching, toO


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I'm Peter Odafe-Ofarn. An Avid for Jesus Christ! My secondary profession is an Electrical/Electronic Engineer. I'm from the Urhobo people, in Delta state Nigeria. I enjoy writing. Please enjoy a peek into my experiences and thoughts in Jesus Christ. Let the Holy Spirit guide us. Amen.
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