…rocks in right places!

Deuteronomy 32:4,15,18,30,31!

In just one chapter of one book of the Bible, the word Rock appears five (5) times.

As I studied this chapter of the Bible, the Holy Spirit began to inspire me. He asked me a question, what is a “rock”? “Simple now”! Ermmm… And I really couldn’t satisfy myself with an answer.

A rock. Rock. What really is a “rock”?? As you’d have considered already, “Rock” appears in several other chapters of several other books of the Bible; describing the LORD. Certainly then, it is an important and definitely pertinent word to understand. Rock.

I took a trip, the next day, down to the secretariat areas of Ibadan, to get some business done; turned out to be interesting; another story for some other day. On my way back, to my uttermost disbelief I saw something that I honestly haven’t even heard about in Nigeria before. And, make no mistake, in Nigeria; hearing about shocking tales is one of our national mascots; again, yet some more stories for another day.

Well, its to my utmost literary embarrassment that I have yet to discover the optimal linguistic set to accurately define what happened; or what I saw. So I’ll put it in a sentence; a Major Road Decided Over the Night to Split into Two! You promised you’d ask NO questions, didn’t you? They say a picture speaks a thousand words so…

BaffleS! Anyway, I wound up faced with an unseemly task. How do I cross over? …Behold, a path! A miry clayed path. A water logged and miry clayed path. Into the cataclysm!!! Yet again, I’ll take the option of the “thousand words”…

…And therein lies our Beauty! A rock! Rocks! The only way to pass through the catastrophe without getting soiled was by carefully hopping on these rocks away to the “other side”; the safe haven… So the Holy Spirit asked me again; what then is a “rock”? Hmmm.

My own answer? Well definitely, they were a relief; imagine if those rocks were not there?! Also, a hope for escape. An only “sure” in so much catastrophe. A means to get to the other side. A help for all, strong enough for all, not going anywhere. I’m still answering…

And I encourage you to do too; who is the Rock to you?

Jesus Christ is our “Rock”, 1 Corinthians 10:4! He died for your sins and mine on Calvary. Only He could do this because only He is without sin. Believe in Him and be counted among His sheep TODAY!

Jesus is coming back NOW to judge the whole world. Please don’t let yourself follow the enemy into hell. Jesus Christ loves YOU. Amen.


About podafeofarn

I'm Peter Odafe-Ofarn. An Avid for Jesus Christ! My secondary profession is an Electrical/Electronic Engineer. I'm from the Urhobo people, in Delta state Nigeria. I enjoy writing. Please enjoy a peek into my experiences and thoughts in Jesus Christ. Let the Holy Spirit guide us. Amen.
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6 Responses to …rocks in right places!

  1. amphomma says:

    Thank you for checking out one of my recent posts on my blog! I just read through your writing–may God continue to give you boldness with truth and love wherever you go! Keep writing and sharing–I believe God gives people different voices (like writing) to reach different ears with His good news about Jesus!

  2. imexcited says:

    Great analogy. I agree with you Jesus is our rock and our salvation. God bless you.

  3. Very nice post. I will enjoy following you as you write and post. Knowing God is my rock has always been key for me, but I really enjoyed the new ways of viewing that concept that you brought to my awareness by your post. Thank you and God bless you.

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