Commando: A poem.

Life wrote me a Love letter, today I received it;
I flipped over the three pages time and time again, good nice adrenaline pumping all over me;

The great Primordial Soup of Life, from where all life originates, did me a favour, left me a molecule to play with, in this Beauty of a place; called Earth;
I duplicated it, through Fission and produced for my self, a fitting remembrance of my Love for Yvonne, the Sun;

Oh its rhythms; dum dum ké, dum ké;
All Orchestras seek for it, my friends the Hip-Hop Rappers allude to it; I love Us;

As I play in the Royal dust of the Marikari desert, (desert of pain, anguish and Hope) I receive stellar precise coordinates from the military camp at the star Aristis; Camp Connar;
I know my next destination is Victory; sweet for Yvonne;

Magnification is an exercise in my military; It pertains to making a loved one Bigger in your eyes; Case-in-point making Jesus’ throne at Aristis’ bigger; I love Him;

Sing Praises to the Lord, for He is bigger;
And His Glory reigneth forever, and Ever.

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Time is Life and Life is Time;
Time never lies neither shades the truth;
I told you it was time to gO.

As to bending reality;
Just make sure you have enough time for that;
Cuz’ every theory is wrong;
That misplaces God as the 2nd coefficient, not first;
I came earlier than most.

What’s your thought? Place it here , as your independent variable;
Square it with reality,
Pursue it with a dose of algebra,
Summarize it in extensive calculus,
And sew it up in a cloak of biology.
Now you have me.

My friends are imperialists; Bill Gates, Adolf Hitler, Jay – Z, IBB;
They eat and drink good food and quality wine in good moderation;
Even as they moderate JESUS’s Great debate.
I love them.

Transform: 18F 1xF fff6 18555

That was just so they don’t kill me;
Cuz Bill rocks, Adolf ‘hates to say he told you so’, IBB knows, Jay-Z lights up and ofcourse; Jesus told you so:

Set a = 5;
aX^2+2bX+e = Rod{1,3,5,E}
Solve with Maths Calculator gives;
Lim {2bX – iY} –> 0
And they a –> 5
But a = 5
Therefore run bills

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Rainbow back from South Sudan!

Thunder! Lashes out in the middle of a day; where children play inside the raindrops and the rainbow has forgotten its wordings. Yes, the wordings saying; “There shall henceforth be Peace on earth” (Peace sign-s; two fingers).

Or is that not the reason for the earth being perpetuated and not being consumed in the fierce wrath of the children of God, who play and find abode inside the raindrops of Life?!

Earth’s newest child South Sudan is in war; war again! I don’t see war as a bad thing; it is the searching in-wards of a person; a fiery experience as raw gold and silver are refined to their purest state; even white Fire! So war is good; seeing as its end product is good; pure, fine gold.

But displacing the majority of a people and children misplaced and starving in horror poverty; I don’t call war. War is in Love; this is the fire. What I see in South Sudan, is the icy entrails of two men lost in the dark solitude of confusion in hate. Children of Life who are pained and in the cold; who have lost their way back home to the Mother; who are encapsulated in fear and the cold of ignorance. These two men are the two parties, whose loggerheads has caused many much discomfort and Life; the people resorting to abject poverty and destitution.

This loggerheads may be borne out of a genuine need to make sense out of the living of the peoples of the great South Sudan, as everybody wants progress of some form, but every attempt at making progress for a people must be accompanied by a commensurate measure of consideration and re-consideration of the “other facts” of the matters arising in the land. Every land must have divergent views and ways of living, because the Mother is generous and extremely rich, but all must weave in to One, in Love as war. We must remember that the “other party” is, as yuo are, on a search for things to use to fill up their log-book of what the essence of Life is. So there is bound to be iron sharpening iron; but not inside another man’s flesh; this should not be!

But the children of Life are still, unfazed. We are not going to invoke our wrath of God, which we are custodians of; if we do, then the Mother will not be happy at all; she is ALL Love and Peace and Serenity. There will be these in South Sudan before long; Peace and Serenity. The loggerheads may be assuaged by an attitude of Live and let Live. Let each man solve his investigations into his own self in peace and loving camaraderie. And God will be our Strength. Amen.

Long live the Republic of South Sudan! In peace.

So, long then. I’m in my raindrop, playing in Life, as all sons of God do; Now the rainbow knows its wordingS. Let there be Peace. XoxJESUSxxx

Rain down peace on us,

Rain down peace on us,

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Civil uNresT

“The average Nigerian person has come to reconcile himself with the fact that his or her social progress remain essentially in his or her hands in collaboration with other fellow Nigerians and not merely relying on what government alone could provide for him or her. The days are gone for good, when men and women trooped to government establishments for employment and for benevolence.”
- Address By the President,
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces
of Nigeria, General Ibrahim Badamosi
Babangida, CRF, FSS, MNI to the
Nation on Saturday, 26 June, 1993 titled
“Laying the Foundation of A Viable
Democracy and the Path of Honour”

This is June 1993 and the nation Nigeria is being viewed by the world as it witnesses one of many scintillating days in the exciting history of Nigeria; the focal news item: the annulment of the June 12 Presidential elections.

Fast forward to 2014 and welcome to Nigeria; it is two days after the New Year and I’m Peter, reporting in time-space; I’m at Ibadan. But the True question is; has the average Nigerian truly reconciled him/herself to such fact as IBB (Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida) says?

The truth of this matter, in my humble opinion, is that the crux of what IBB was saying, is the reason for the present stalemate in human talent/resource realization, as people the world over don’t seem to believe this statement; that their social progress pretty-much lies in their own doings alongside their fellows. Hence the overwhelming global economic woes and the horrendous number of youths without gainful work!

Topmost on the agenda of the then military rule of IBB, it seemed, was creating a fresh image of a Nigerian, free from colonial trappings of servitude; creating the new Nigerian; independent, self-confident and wealthy. This would be, of-course, largely contingent on a mentality in line with the above quote; belief in self and in the work of one’s own hands. A disattachment from total reliance on “Government employment and benevolence”.

I say, IBB is a visionary leader, seeing as the world is still facing a much similar problem in unemployment today. I give it to him; he had/has a clear understanding of the relative roles of government and the citizen towards and in relation to nation building. Today, I dare say, we have a paucity of such visionary stance in our leadership ranks around the globe, it need be said. But today is not a day for bashing; as its just two days into the new year; let’s celebrate. But just before that, my point need be completely made!

We are almost 7 billion people on this earth, male and female and the world is still suffering from poverty. Poverty of what? Is it a lack of people to bring positive ingenious ideas that will fuel the power turbines of world growth and intellectual/societal development? Afterall, like every fruit has seed, every human being has talent, and talent is the manure for growth in any developing society; which the earth of today is; we have 1st world/developed countries and 3rd world/underdeveloped countries on earth; and I say earth itself is a developing earth.

As earth is a developing world, we surely need to put more into the agriculture of talent development in our nations; seeing as God has given us talent free. Let us begin to solve our problems, starting with poverty, by human ingenuity. And this writing is just that; a piece of human ingenuity; but today is not a day to praise me, either. With the amount of talent already available as seed on earth and the benevolence of God; who is a provider of rain in its season; I see Nigeria and the world in its entirety blossoming quickly into a beauty and an awesome garden in time. But humans must know that their social growth lies in them bringing out the seeds deposited in them by God and not in relying on Government benevolence.

As a prominent american politician has said; “Ask not what your country will do for you…” And today, YOU must ask what you have to give back to mother Earth. Today!

Fruits have seed; humans have talenT.

Fruits have seed; humans have talenT.

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The Media God,

This year’s end, I look at the media year. This year, more than any other, I have come to see the need and use of media outlets like TV and Music video and Movies in educating human beings and stabilizing a society and the world at large.

Late this year, I watched a movie about a man, Sandy, who got his IDs stolen by a fat sociopath woman, let’s call her Margie. Sandy is a good law-abiding working class man who pays his taxes and is living small with a wife and kids. Also, a little naïve an believes in the safety provided by the State authorities, or used to, before he got successfully hit by Margie, a big-time credit card hacker and Identity Fraud practitioner.

Well, she got off with using his person to go out on a night club spree; buying drinks for all; got caught by the police for buying narcotics and even bought herself a new car! Sandy finds out (after being arrested by the police in association with the crimes committed) and is severely let-down by the local police who after clearing him by virtue of a mug-shot taken of Margie, tells him it’d take 6 months to a year to retrieve his cards and restore him back to a normal life.

He can’t wait! Meanwhile, back at his new office the same police men are waiting for him, again in connection with the on-going spending and offenses spree of Margie; who’s taken full advantage of the uni-sex name Sandy and is having a ball! Sandy, after being searched by the police again and talking with them and his angry new boss, takes permission to have a week off to go and track “Sandy” by himself, with the aid of the mug-shot of Margie and credit card debt details; the shop where Margie’d just spreed in another state. He explains to his now anxious wife and heads of out of state to track “Margie-Sandy” down; and after a little inquiry at the shop, with the aid of the mug-shot, he finds her. Now to trick her into coming with him to his state and then hand her over to the state police, seeing as its a state case.

Now is the part that I find critical. On confronting Margie, Sandy finds he’s met a tougher challenge than he bargained for. She clearly out-wits him in the argument of whether she’s even done anything wrong at all; she argues her case smartly and with all guile, insisting that she’s only made the best use of the System’s loop-holes. She also reminds Sandy; as he tries to draw-up moral backing for himself being the aggrieved, citing his wife and kids’ distress; that she has 70 year old parents that she’s supporting with her line of work and she also has siblings. Margie, who is already in trouble with the narcotics mafia which she’s put in police trouble and who are after her head, uses her street-smartness ruthlessly well against a helpless Sandy, who the system has let down. She even takes possession of his own car in all the messiness of the scene. Hilarious. She defeats him in a very awkward fist-fight! She uses her fatness amply!

It caught my attention that Sandy failed to make a clear water-tight argument in a case that was clear enough and even the State Police found this an up-hill task to do! Margie does well for herself, exonerating herself so well, she almost passes for the aggrieved party herself. It seems as though Sandy is bereft of moral high-ground to prove even a moral point to Margie; it looks like he can’t even convince himself that he’s done the right thing by coming out to track her down, in the first place. This is remarkably more often the case in real life these days; fortunately or no. Sandy after exhausting all his failure antics finally resorts to begging and in her utmost benevolence and mercy, she beautifully agrees to go with him to see his boss for an amicable settlement without the police. She also admits she now has a crush on him; poor guy.

I wonder what God has to say about this plot. Who’s the bad guy; or is it just the system messing up again? I thank the director and producers of the movie for such a realistic reproduction of this story-line; as the film goes on. But seriously, are we really kept safe by this system in which we live and live by? Is today’s system of Governments and business God-backed? Watching this movie, I saw another critical light that media had shed on living in the society we live in this day and age.

I’m calling for a God-Government, of the type of Deuteronomy in Israel (Jacob) but of a more technological facade. Let God come and do the job He knows so well how to do; Lead.

And I promise to do all in my humble capacity to support and promote media platforms like music video and movies in this new year, 2014, as they play a pivotal and supportive role in making Society a better place to live; more power to your elbow folks; thanks to WordPress and the internet media, toO

Image courtesy:

God is watching, toO

God is watching, toO

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111000 001 0000101 1001 1001 110001. 10000 000 0000 00 00111 001011 0101 01100 0111000 01 10 110 111000 11000 1010 1110000 1100110 1100011 1111 11000111 10111 110 110 1110 1011 01111 011110

11000 0111, 011 01111 11111 1110 11001 110001 100 01111 01111 110011 11001001 011011 0111 110011 011011 ,

10010, 1001, 10110, 1001 00011 00110 10100 100 100011 001110 110001 10010 10001 1000111 0000000000000000000000 000000000000000000 000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000 0000000 00000 000 000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000 0 0 000000000000000 0000 0 00000 00 000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000
100 1001 11100 11001 11100 0001110 0110.

011001 1000110 1110001 0001100 0011001 0111000 000111 00111 0001111101 011 011 0111 01111 00011 01110.


This is an interaction between my digital phone and I; FrancK.

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Human Being 3.0

Batch 3.0
Spring 35 cc into Octadrum
Leave 40
Calls Redir Lane 30
End Batch

Firemi sent the opcodes through his armComp to his partner Cecily. She copied the codes smartly and went off into Miriand City market to pick up her shopping. She had been in party mood all weekend but Firemi’s heavy work backlog had crept into her time also. She rushed off into Section H of the market where traders sold vegetables and sea food.

Ricervia politics never let down its peoples growing appetite for fun and excitement; particularly considering its very large population. The political landscape had never been this illuminated as more and more megaTonne projects came to fruition; a city-builder’s dream.

Firemi had just come back from Sa’abi, his own province and was making the best of what Miriand city had to offer in atmospherics. It was the Astoria stars’ day and the wind and two suns had collaborated to put up a display not before seen; Firemi’s love for atmospherics finding full release.

The two suns stood majestically over the horizon; Arthriaca beaming in its tremenduous blue lights and Amis’aa doing lovely in its yellow. Amis’aa was in its crescent season and it drew the Mariac winds to serenade the entire east horizon with light droplets and naturally made water sculptures from the crystal river Ameesis. The entire Ricervia was Beauty realised and Miriand City wasn’t letting itself down at all. Little fish jumped in and out of the natural water sculptures as they drifted across the afternoon horizon; creating a chilly cool feel across the land. There were many of them.

Cecily loved Firemi much. They had just won the People’s Love pagaent as Model Couple; the prestigious M.C. Award coming with a lot of fame for the couple. Ricervia is a place of Beauty and Love and the only stock-in-trade is the realisation of more of these; Beauty and Love. That is the currency of the land. Age is measured in how many Love or Beauty garlands one has on his head. She kissed him deep as light wisps surrounded them. They shone like a luminescent crystal sculpture inside the wisps.

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Boom! The gun went off like thunder in the night sky: I left the scene.

Two days later I passed by the murder scene, piss struggling to squeeze through my penis; in tension. I played anonymous, police still analyzing on-the-scene evidence.
I don’t regret killing Milicent Batcher; pretty man, but he fucked up. I’m a gay black man, if I woinna fuck you, I fuck you; nobody’s goinna tell me shit! Bet he’s in the nether realms of hell now; pleading his case!

Brandy on the rocks and a cuban, I get: life feels good when you take it by its ugly horns and ride on the side with evil intent. I was in no mood for games; wooing a pretty white girl at the Worcester campus of the University of South London, my eyes were dang set on the prize: pussy. She’s thick on the waist and speaks fine spanish; a damn pleasure to my eyes. Jesus wept; she knows I woinna get her to bed! I’m sitting calm and collected, twirling my glass of brandy, as I puff smoke into her eyes. I cherish my black Ferrari like the water you drink; I eye her: the signs of magic on her trunk; like Sandy, the babe. The night was rough.

Saturday ran by fast today; tommorrow’s church: another day to seduce unsuspecting young beauties, the smooth operator I am. I’m ironing my clothes when a man knocks on my door. I move, singlet and jeans clad, towards the door: he’s the delivery boy I ordered fast food from. I settle and discharge him quickly. I eat up and go to sleep after pressing my clothes for church; another hard and beautiful day gone by.

2xdx – 5 = FG.E16
FG – 6dz –> 0
2e5 – 9dy = 96

1xd5xe, 23xd ! 5x63e2

Message sent. ()

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Program of Life!

… {
Run background check…
contra… Ultra mode in check;

1st batch; cc Bills, cc Aliza

Pharma into “Millicent Batcher”;

1×5;5×1;7×5;1×5; ppp

“Put your p where your mouth is!”
Hello World “Hi”

End Program.
} …

Photo courtesy Hugh Turvey.

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0 is a number, just like 2;
2 marks out 5; even as sheep bleat;
7 gives of an effervescence of light, as Galaxies;
With 5 is the peace of numbness;
With 4 is my favourite piece of minD;
I like 1.

These are military codes. They’re for the uneducated mind to coalesce with the Light of God. And education is not keY.

These are for Might and Money; got in the happiness of being with God:

Spiritual Might is not gotten with hardships and head bangings; but are received in happiness and joy; Know God;

When you can’t explain the place you are on earth, locate God, then you have a position; this position, is where you are; and you have found where you are.

Peace be to you and yuor friends.

- Peter.



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